All purchases go towards sloth conservation!

SLOTHS 2024 Wall Calendar

Take it easy in 2024! This is the eighth official calendar put out by The Sloth Conservation Foundation (SloCo) and is the only calendar to directly benefit sloth conservation in the wild. 

  • Every photograph features spectacular images of sloths paired with exclusive behind-the-scenes captions, in which award-winning wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas describes the trials and tribulations involved in capturing each shot.
  • The rare and exclusive imagery features sloth conservation at its finest, from orphan baby sloths in rescue centers to wild sloths in virgin rainforests. Each picture is accompanied by fun sloth facts brought to you by none other than the world’s leading expert on the subject, Dr. Rebecca Cliffe.
  • Each month also includes plenty of space to jot down all of those special dates and anniversaries, and your year is made even easier with the addition of a free 12-month planner. You’re welcome! This inspiring calendar is guaranteed to brighten your day. See sloths, save sloths, and stay organized!
  • 12" x 12" square